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Thermometers are just speedometers for atoms -- Source unknown

@zloygik на рабочем компе:
1) таск менеджер, удобно знать кто какой таск взял, кто закончил
2) аптайм мониторинг, думаю очевидно почему

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Сергей Шпилькин выложил графики с анализом последних выборов.
Картинки по регионам можно посмотреть у него в Facebook

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I am happy to reveal that a non-profit legal entity for Mastodon, Mastodon gGmbH, is in the process of being entered into the German company register.

For context, I have been operating as a sole proprietor so far.

It's been in the works for 8 months but I didn't want to announce anything until everything was finalized just in case it didn't work out. Yesterday, I paid in the starting capital.

It wouldn't be possible without the help and advice of @mellifluousbox. More to follow in blog form.

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Did I memtion how bloody creepy Southern Germany can be in November? There's almost no post-work done on these. #photography #MastoArt

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Самый православный наверное

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@drq я сначала думал это чтобы свёрла хранить (но они разные - странно), потом гвозди забивать, но одноразовая штука была бы

@drq это чтобы сверлить ровно?

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⬇️ Most interesting hosting providers are on the rainbow side (

Industrial Cyber Security Center of Excellence? Societe Cooperative? Fibrenoire? :fishthink:

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Game of thrones s08ep6 it wasn't snow, those were ashes. But I also thaught it was snow initially

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